Globe Locket chain by Cristina Ramella
Globe Locket Jade by Cristina Ramella
Packaging by Cristina Ramella

Globe Locket Jade

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Production time 4 weeks

*The World Locket is a 14K GOLD jewelry piece, includes one round 10mm jade gemstone.

We are proud to present this one of a kind 14k gold locket, especially designed to raise funds for the charity organization "God's Love We Deliver”

30% of the total amount of this necklace will be donated to help the charity organization cooking & delivering medically tailored meals for people who are living with severe illness. 

With an intricate design that illustrates all the countries of the world and encapsulates the essence of all the precious gifts the Earth has for us, this locket is will transform your energy and and help you live your best lifestyle.  Its delicate design let you appreciate a beautiful Jade Stone inside of it.

Jade stone by Cristina Ramella


Jade it’s a powerful stone that brings harmony and protection. It attracts good luck and loyal friendships. Promotes self-sufficiency and helps to release negative thoughts, as well it will attract money and love into your life. 

*14K gold 
*Globe Diameter: 1.6 cm / 0.62 in
*Chain Length: 50cm / 19.6 cm
*Jade stone
*Comes with a protective felt bag and cardboard box

Length necklace by Cristina Ramella