Rhodium Plated Bricks bracelet by Cristina Ramella
Basic Bricks Bracelet by Cristina Ramella
Wearing Bricks Basic Bracelet by Cristina Ramella
Bricks Collection by Cristina Ramella
Bricks Collection by Cristina Ramella
Packaging by Cristina Ramella

Basic Bracelet Rhodium Plated

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Production time: 4 to 6 weeks 

A beautiful minimalistic Rhodium plated Bracelet! Perfect to add an elegant and simple touch to your look. Inspired on a beautiful and architectonical design could be use as single or as a base to build a customized bracelet with names, dates, quotes or anything you like with our fabulous variety of bricks.

Build your own jewelry and have fun in the process!

*24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel 
*Size: 6 cm / 2.39 in (Diameter)
*Comes with a protective felt bag and cardboard box

Bricks Bracelet Size Chart by Cristina Ramella

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