Rose Gold Travel the World Bracelet by Cristina Ramella
Travel the World Bracelet by Cristina Ramella
24K Gold and Rhodium Plated Travel the World bracelets by Cristina Ramella
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Rose Gold TRAVEL THE WORLD Bracelet

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A constant reminder that adventure is just around the corner, our Travel the World Bangle is the perfect accessory for every free spirit. The bangle pairs perfectly with any other of our bangle designs; wear one or wear them all for a unique aesthetic that everyone will love. Shop the Travel the World Bracelet in  rose gold brass to find the perfect color for your style.

*24K Rose GoldStainless Steel
*Dimension: Small 16 cm / 6.2 in perimeter
 Medium: 17 cm / 6.6  in perimeter
*Comes with a protective felt bag and cardboard box

Size Chart by Cristina Ramella

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