Last Tuesday we had a photoshoot to create some good and fun content for our social medias. It turned out to be way more professional and deep that what we had in mind... But hey, I’m not complaining! It was so much fun!

The set was the amazing house of my friends, Ana and Poncho Garduño. Being both architects the house is made with concrete walls, floor to ceiling glass and a game of lights and shadows that makes you feel like inside of a museum.

Let me show it to you:

BEHIND THE LENS by Cristina RamellaBEHIND THE LENS by Cristina Ramella

I had to have this photos taken by my new favorite photographer, Marcela Cerbon.

I love how she captures the light in her pictures, is like she could transmits the light inside the person through her lens. She is extremely professional and fun to work with... Isn't she cute? 

BEHIND THE LENS by Cristina Ramella

Also she is very passionate about my jewelry as you can see! 

BEHIND THE LENS by Cristina Ramella

We usually have to go to Mexico City for any shooting, it was really special that I could host the shooting this time in my city and also with my team, a group of people that love what they do to the core.

The two teams muted together proved to be a rare combination of talent, passion and dedication. I can image the results already and I'm so eager to show them to you! Stay tuned to our social media, Instagram and FaceBook specially to be the first one to get a glimpse. 

I hope this teaser thrills you as much as it did me: