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Amsterdam Days

I've just landed in Amsterdam a few days ago, it's so exciting to be in this vibrant city for some business meetings; to start looking for new stores and to visit our new showroom here. We are happy to continue expanding the brand and collecting more travel stories around the world. I've got a good overview of the city and have some recommendations that I want to share with you.

-Where to stay: B&NB Herengracht Hotel, at Herengracht 176, 1016 BR Amsterdam. (A very comfortable and well located place, right next to the canals).

-Where to have Dinner: Breda Restaurant, at Singel 210, 1016 AB Amsterdam. (Such a culinary experience, with a surprise menu from an amazing recognized chef).

-What to visit? Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, at Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam. (If you like culture you need to visit this museum, it’s a must-see).

A tour through the canals (Get another romantic view for the city).

-Where to shop? Streets of Amsterdam. (Nice for shopping and finding nice places to rest).

-Where to go at night? HPS Bar, at Rapenburg 18, 1011 TX Amsterdam (A very cozy and nice cocktail place).



It wouldn’t be a trip to one of my travel spots without doing a lot of #WorldTravelingHands.

My next stop? Finland!! Follow my travel journey step by step on Instagram.

Lots of love! 

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For all the Women Around the World!

International Women's Day is a remainder of our roles as key influencers in our society helping to shape the future of our company and our communities. At Cristina Ramella we  celebrate authenticity and empowerment. We want to inspire and encourage all of you to create a new generation of strong and independent women. 

I'm thrilled to introduce you my beautiful new showroom and #GIRLBOSS team. Women just like you, who shared the willing to push boundaries and make memories. Determined to make a difference and never give up! 


Take a look at our new HQ and showroom in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. 

“Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women." - Nora Ephron 

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Pictures by Ceci Mijares 


Since the beginning, you’ve been sharing with us your stories of travel, love and adventures. We’ve loved to hear all about it and get inspired. So we have created this new section on our blog called #WorldTravelingCrush (of the day) where we will talk about you and your travels!

From climbing the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii, to getting lost in the Sahara desert and even bungee jumping in Nepal, these are some of Katja’s adventures, a passionate globetrotter!

Currently living in Australia, she’s been traveling to amazing places for almost 7 years, how cool is that?                                                                                                                                                

“My last adventure was a 2-week trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. It was the best and the worst thing I´ve ever done! It was an amazing experience with beautiful landscapes to admire, but the weather conditions were harsh, almost -15° inside the camping at night!

Cristina Ramella Blog

What kept me inspired and motivated was the following quote: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. I love challenges, and this trip was, mentally and physically, the toughest experience but the most amazing one" said Katja to us.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

#WorldTravelingHands by Cristina Ramella      World Travel Crush Blog Post

Everest World Traveling Crush Blog Post by Cristina Ramella

Follow Katja on instagram and fall in love with her adventures @_storm_princess_

If you wish to add your story and travels to our Blog, please send us an email: We can't wait to know more about you! 

Lots of Love

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A couple of weeks ago, we did the new campaign for Spring Summer 2017. I just saw yesterday the publication of one of the photos from this campaign in the October issue of L'Officiel and I want to tell you a little of the experience that goes behind the planning and production.

Photoshoot Campaign Cristina Ramella

The planning for the photo shoot starts months in advance, where we study the concept throughly, the color palet, and the perfect model to embodied the brand. This is our second Campaign where I had the honor to work with the super talented Gustavo Garcia (@lamasdolorosa), as creative director and photographer. His vision for our brand amaze me every time. He has the power to trespass feelings, textures and luxury in a picture. 

Cristina Ramella Campaign SS17

The production normally takes place in Mexico city, this time was in the wonderful neighborhoods called La Condesa. Gustavo's team was as always amazing: it takes a village: hair and MUA, assistants, photographer, talent, editors, you name it! And off course me and my team, taking care of the simple but very important details. 

City Bangles by Cristina RamellaGlobe Pearls by Cristina Ramella Campaign SS17 by Cristina Ramella

The truth is that the process is really fun when you do it with such a profesional team. Music in the background and a good attitude and time fly... suddenly it's very late and we are about to shoot the last outfit.

Hope you have fun watching this behind the scene video:

I hope you like this production as much as I do. Stay tuned because there are a lot of new stories coming from the collection and from our favorite globetrotters. 

Want to see the final results of this new Campaign? Go check it out for yourself and leave your comments please!

Lots of love! 


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Walks of Italy

If you ask me what I miss the most about Italy, I have to answer my hometown Milan, a city with ancestral culture, history and glamour. Even though I lived there most of my life it's a place that keeps making me fall in love with it every time I come back. I love to be surrounded by all the art, arquitecture and fashion. Everyday there is something new to discover, an exhibit, a museum, opera night and I always treat myself with a couple of shopping days with my mother.

Milan Skyview    The Brian and Berry Building

I was happy to reconect with family and friends but above all to nail down projects for the brand. San Babila has always been one of my favorite spots for shopping! Right there you can find one of the most important department stores "The Brian and Berry Building",  a twelve story building  filled with food and fashion.

Wearing Rhodium World Long Ring

I’m excited to tell you that you can now shop our Jewelry on the 2nd floor of this amazing building. Traveling is essential, since I try to get involved as much as I can, getting closer with our distributors and clients by trying to take care of every little detail in order to project the esence of Cristina Ramella.

Cristina Ramella Store    The Brian and Berry Building

It’s been a great experience to collaborate with such professionals and to be part of a space alongside worldwide known bands, we are sure that this will be just the first step into other stores around the world.

 Appart from beign a very gratifying visit on the profesional side I was fortunate enough to travel with my husband and my kids, it is always a great adventure with them. I do my best to show them every corner and spot that lead me to be the person I am today. This time we didn’t stop, we traveled from Milan to Santa Marguerita Ligure, Portofino, Tuscany (at my father's) , Isola D’elba, Lago di Trevignano all the way to Rome. We enjoyed some days at the beach, eating a lot of pasta, seafood, gelato and enjoying marvelous landscapes and seasides.   

   Food Around the World

Walks of Italy Cristina Ramella   Black World Cuff Plastic

I love to be able to share this experience the same way you do with #WorldTravelingHands in all of my trips. I know I'll be back next year, but for now I'm feel blessed to start with new energy back at home and office here in Mexico!! 


Borderline #WorldTravelingHands

Lots of love!  

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My Traveling Days

I have been friends with Cristina for a few years now, our lives have led similar and parallel paths. We are both married to architects (I happen to be one as well), we have been neighbors before, and are destined to be neighbors again, we became mothers at the same time, twice!, we are intensely passionate about design and we both love to travel.

My traveling days have taken a dive since my kids started paying full price airplane tickets, but when we got the news that my husband was exhibiting at the Venice Biennale this year, we started planning our architecture-packed trip, kids in tow.

 I have never prepared myself so much for a trip before. It was the first long trip we were going to take with both kids, and I was adamant on being efficient in my packing and trying not to look like a disheveled desperate mother in the pictures. I went through a bunch of blogs and posts about traveling with kids, about traveling in style, you name it, I read it! Needless to say, I ran into the World Cuff on a number of “must-have” lists for traveling, and then it hit me… I am going to win the #WorldTravelingHands contest! I am going to have so much material, that baby is mine! So I packed my yummy scarf, my portable battery pack, and my trusted World Cuff, and was on my way. 

world traveling hands

 Aside from visiting the Venice Biennale, our trip was focused on visiting work by Le Corbusier and Peter Zumthor, along with other wonderful works by Herzog and DeMeuron, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Olgiati, to name a few.




I was so excited to see these buildings I had studied and seen only in pictures. I was also worried that my kids might get bored or misbehave in certain places, and even though we didn’t get off scot free –Andres, my 3 year old, jumped on a 1920s cot in one of LeCorbusier houses and nearly gave the clerk a heart attack- my worries were warrantless. Instead, I experienced something I wasn’t expecting, the wonderful opportunity of seeing these masterpieces through my children’s eyes, discovering these places not only as an architect, but as innocent, playful, wondering little persons who can’t wait to run up and down a ramp, roll down a hill of grass, discover a hidden room; who couldn’t care less who made the building but were just interested in the space and how they could have fun in it.

And even more priceless, witnessing my children discovering the world, its similarities, its uniqueness, its diversity, trying to instill in them patience, tolerance, and appreciation for all things different, old and new… The passion for discovering new horizons, new perspectives… that is what I have always loved about traveling, that is what my parents instilled in me when I was a child, and that is what I want my children to get out of this experience and hopefully the future ones. This trip with my family reminded me that travel is the best investment you can make for yourself, and now this is true for my family as well.

I will treasure these memories forever, my heart is exploding with joy just writing about it, and although I didn’t win the #WorldTravelingHands contest, I had a wonderful time trying! My goal now is to try to win every single year; lets keep on traveling… and don’t forget to take your World Cuff!

Love, Ana Gonzalez

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I’ve always been inspired by cities that offer adventures, culture, architecture and fashion, is like finding secret doorways to the coolest places around the world. Knowing that I'm about to explore this new lifestyle, even if it's for a few days, is so thrilling!

So, picture this: You are about to land in a city that lives with 21 hours of time zone difference with your home; through the airplane window you are able to see mountains, hundreds of lights all over the city and skylines everywhere... And at last there it is, the World most visited city, Hong Kong.

Helicopter Secoo Boutique Hong Kong

Unfortunately, I haven't being physically to Hong Kong (yet), but I'm so happy to share with you that my brand is! It is since July 7th that we have officially launch with SECOO HONG KONG Boutique at Tsim Sha Tsui and online store

For all of you who are wondering, you can find Tsim Sha Tsui at the south of the city, at the paradise of shoppers and top 1 location that travellers love most. Here you will see a full vision of stores, restaurants, buildings and shopping malls (every girls dream basically).

You can book your stay here too, the most famous hotels in the area are the Peninsula Hong Kong and Sheraton Hong Kong, and guess what?  you need only only 5-10 minutes' walk to SECOO boutique. 

There are other options if you want to stay at the most stylish boutique hotels with amazing skyscrapers views and high-end designs. I recently found The Mira Hotel, and it is to die for! Such style conscious rooms of glass with aromatherapy baths, a Coco Chocolate Bar and a Michelin star restaurant. I imagine myself right now behind that glass, drinking and eating and laughing while looking into the city lights. Hong Kong is so in my Top 5 Travel Wishlist!

Another amazing hotel I found is the Icon Hotel designen by Conran, Lin and Rocoo Yim.  It has sophisticated rooms, oriented public spaces and a private panoramic rooftop bar. As you can see I have plan my trip by now, the date is just pending ;)

Hong Kong

I always have a a major doubt when traveling to a new city, either to let the city surprise me and not have any form of itinerary, or plan activities and places to go. I know the best is to do a mix, but wouldn't you love to just arrive to a city and be clueless?

That would be another city though, for Hong Kong I already know that I want to take a helicopter ride at the Peninsula Hotel so I can have a complete sky-view of the city. The HSBC Building is also a must for me, designed by Norman Foster, is an envisioned building and such a challenging arquitectural project by its time. The Peak building, the highest point on Hong Kong Island and Ritz-carlton Hotel, considered the world's highest hotel (118 floor).

On my list is also the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Cultural Center. I'll definitely walk the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard to find local an international brands, the perfect spot to do some unforgettable and epic shopping. 

And of course visit the SECOO Boutique! It has amazing brands like, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Hermes, BV, Chanel, Gucci, just to mention a few. For the opening ceremony our friends of SECOO worked for hours to have everything ready: they had buses that displayed all the different products they showcase around the city, there were promotions like free shipping and frappucinos (who wouldn't like that?!). They really did a fantastic job and it feels amazing to be part of this great Project.


Secoo Hong Kong Boutique

Launching Cristina Ramella in Secoo Hong Kong

As me and my team went deeper in our collaboration with Secoo, we couldn't wait to design something special that captured the essence of the urban architecture of the city for them. And so, we designed the Hong Kong Bangle.

Check out the preview:

Secoo Hong Kong Bangle by Cristina Ramella

When we started to work on the concept, we wanted to create a bracelet that was so much and so little at the same time, we started thinking on the most significative element that project the true essence of this magical city. And the thing that impressed us the most was its architecture and urban projection.

We throw ourselves into it and designed different versions of the city skyline. It was after a lot of sketches, 3D modeling and design work, that we were able to reproduced it into an exquisite design that carries their unique skyline and as a final touch, our logo and SECOO’s carved in the inside.

We can’t wait to share new surprises and designs for all of you globetrotters. Stay tuned, there are a lot of incredible projects coming!


 Lots of love!  


What I love most about traveling to other cities is coming back home full of stories and experiences that can be translated into inspiration and new challenges.

Cristina Ramella  Wold Travel Essentials

On the last few months the company has been growing greatly and I’ve had to travel outside Mexico for work. Last week it was an express trip to Milan, I was so excited to go back and see my family and friends even for just a week. I won't lie, jet lag was no treat (how bloggers do it?!).

I do try to visit Italy al least once a year with my husband and kids, it's wonderful when you can call two places HOME. We go back and time just stands still, it seems like we never left. This trip was different though, I had to take the decision to fly in just a week when I'm used to take months to plan dates! It was just for a few days but they were enough to start new projects and to spend quality time with my family.  

I visited our country house in Marzio, near Varese, where I have many childhood memories. Its a magical place, so calm surrounded by trees, flowers and the whisper of the wind. My amazing family surprised me with a belated birthday party and a delicious cake, it's being so long since I had a birthday party with all of them. 

Back to Milan 

World Traveling Hands  Compass Cuff  

In addition of enjoying a few days filled with memories, long walks and having breakfast in one of my favorite spots, I had a very important appointment with a recognized department store in Milan and you'll be able to find us in my beloved city at last: The Brian and Barry Building.

World Traveling Hands

And guess what? We will be able to display our pieces in this amazing showcases alongside incredible brands.

Back to Milan  Back to Milan

I’m very happy that I will be able to take this project around the world to all globetrotters and map obsessed like me.

I won't spoil the surprise though, you'll know soon enough ;)

Lots of love!  


Over the last few months everything has being about transformation, changes and celebrations. And I have to thank my beautiful family for all the support and love they have given me, but specially I have to shout out this one to my Mom and the great inspiration that she is to me.

Being away from home hasn’t been easy, there are days on which you just need your mother... But we have found a way to stay in touch and make it feel like we are not really far away, sometimes we talk more than 5 times in one day! I must confess, each time I visit her back in Milan, it’s like if time stood still and just a for a little bit I'm a kid again.

Mother's Day

Now that I'm a mother of two, I hope I can share with them a little bit of this wonderer and independent spirit my mother taught me, as well as the willing to explore other cultures, cities and countries.

This year I decided to take a few pictures with my kids for Mother's Day, which translate to lots of laughs and the best of time. I just adore the result, all this images with hugs and kisses really fills my heart, I will cherish them forever <3.

Mother's Day

I'm so grateful for my children and how they amaze me every day. I understand now that connection that you hear so often about a mother and their children. It's really a bond that can pass any obstacle, there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. I guess that is just what simple and powerful LOVE looks like.


P.S. Here are a couple of pictures of the show my kids did today at school for me and the other mothers, it was so funny and emotional! I wish you all had a beautiful Mother's Day too!


Lots of love!  


#WorldTravelingHands Contest

I started the "#Artelier Around The World" project almost two years ago and today we like to call it the #WorldTravelingHands project: New Brand, New Me, New Blog and New Contest! 

It all started with one picture, an amazing shot of the World Cuff with the Empire State on the background made by a one of my first clients. Like a lightbulb, the idea of having my jewelry photograph all over the world took control of my night thoughts. I imagined a World Long Ring with the Eiffel tower behind, a Globe Pendant with the Duomo in Milan or a Parallel Cuff with the Portofino's sea. 

The World Cuff at NY

With the help of lots of amazing people (a.k.a. YOU!) that believed in this project too, the night thought became a reality with so much more destinations than I have ever imagined. A few examples of what we collected:The Opera House in Sydney, The Gherkin in London, The Taj Mahal, Machu Pichu, the Sahara Desset, Tokyo Tower and The Golden Bridge in San Francisco; and cities like Iceland, Dubai, Hawaii, South Africa, Mexico, Saint Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Thailand, and so many others from literally all over the world!

The World Long ring in Hawai The Opera House, SydneyEiffel Tower Duomo de MilanJohannesburg, South Africa Thailand

As for me I'm always attempting to take more pictures everywhere I go, I'm not gonna lie, my husband looks at me like I'm crazy (lol)! But I don't care, it's so much fun to be part of this community we have created as a brand and it's so special to feel part of something out of your normal self.

So please go on and keep creating amazing pictures for our collection of #WorldTravelingHands! I will be picking my favorite at the end of May and the winner will receive a $400 USD coupon to shop his/her favorite piece on our website. 

Care_Much at Teotihuacan

The World is our canvas and we want to fill it with #WorldTravelingHands!
Be part of our dream!

 Lots of love, 

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