Breathtaking Greece!

For this #truetraveler edition we present you Paty Mercado and her trip with her husband to the breathtaking Greece! Paty lives in Puebla, has two children and she is a globetrotter who loves having Cristina Ramella pieces! She has a traveling soul and a really good eye to take pictures, she spent one week in this amazing country and she tells us everything about it! 

"For this trip, me and my husband wanted to visit a new intriguing place where we could go to good restaurants and also go partying; since we have children, my in-laws offered to take care of them for one week so we went for 4 days to Santorini and another 3 days to Mykonos."

Breathtaking Greece by Cristina Ramella

"One of my favorite places in Santorini was Oia, in here, you will find a magic place with beautiful houses, restaurants and stores, all of them in white colors with blue windows and roofs. The Mediterranean Sea has a dark blue color I’ve never seen before, it’s amazing!"

Silver World Cuff by Cristina Ramella

"I also liked Akrotiri Lighthouse, which is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece and was constructed way back in 1892. We went there to see the sunset, it was impressive! The next day we returned but we decided not to go to the Lighthouse again but to have lunch in one of the restaurants with a pretty terrace and an ocean view."

"Nearby you can find Santorini Red Beach, which is popular because of its colour. When we come back we will rent a sunbed and an umbrella and spend all day enjoying the beach." 

Breathtaking Greece by Cristina Ramella

"Between Perivolos and Perissa is the best place to go for a drink, the restaurants are really close to the sea and there are a lot of bars and dreamy views where you can spend a lovely evening."

"We stayed in Vencia hotel in Mykonos, I loved it because it was really pretty, clean and romantic, with an impressive pool, beach view and delicious food! We enjoyed going to Agios Sostis, which is a beautiful beach where my husband went diving and there wasn’t many people around. I recommend you to grab a bite at Kikis or Nammos in Psarou Beach, you’ll love them! I remember ordering squid and their traditional white wine."

Travel the World Bracelet by Cristina Ramella

Travel the World Bracelet by Cristina Ramella

For a night out we went to Scorpios, we had the best time! You’ll find celebrities and elegant people, it is expensive but totally worth it, even though me and my husband didn’t go with a group, we had a really good time dancing and watching the sunset. I have to say that in places like Scorpios, Cristina Ramella jewels became a statement, many people asked me about the World Long Ring!  

World Long Ring by Cristina Ramella

In Santorini we stayed in a hotel that I recommend, Hotel Sea View. It was really pretty, near the ocean, with nice rooms and a big pool! They had a lounge restaurant that was tasty and we loved the private beach. 

I definitely love all of Cristina Ramella’s pieces, but if I have to choose, I would say The World Long Ring because it was the first one my husband bought me. I am currently obsessed with the Travel The World Bracelets. 

World Long Ring by Cristina Ramella

For me every trip is different, even if I return to the same city or country. Every time I learn something new or get to know other restaurants, stores, people or places. I feel blessed, traveling opens my eyes, my brain and my heart! I don’t mind if the destination is 15 minutes away from my house or if it is a 24 hour journey, I am always excited and grateful.

Breathtaking Greece by Cristina Ramella

My next destination is probably Querétaro, I love the city and I get excited to visit my friends. 

To keep up with Paty, follow her on her Instagram account @patricia_mercado

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