In this #TrueTravelers edition Aly Villegas shares her adventures in a trip around three different countries: Israel, Egypt and Jordania. Aly is a TV host who is passionate about sports and traveling around the world, besides, she has amazing pictures that she loves to share with her followers! 
I was looking forward for this trip because it included different countries I’ve always wanted to visit: Israel, Egypt and Jordania. I knew it was going to be a little bit tough because of the relation between these three countries but I was determined to enjoy every single part of it!
I arrived to Israel and visited the Old City of Jerusalem, I contemplated the sea while walking on the pier, went to the markets and bought some souvenirs, and on Saturday I took the first bus to Jordan (I didn’t want to stay in the city because it’s their shabbat, almost everything is closed and there isn’t any public transport) it took me almost 7 hours to get to the border and then I took a cab directly to Petra, where I stayed. The hotels in Petra are a lot cheaper than in Israel!
MAGNIFICENT THREE by Cristina Ramella
Visiting Petra was a marvelous idea, I spent almost all the day in the park, Petra Archaeologic Park is a must-go with  2,640 acres. The monastery is an impressive monument too! I had to go up 700 steps to get to there but it was worth it! You must live the experience of taking a ride on a camel, horse or donkey in here, it is amazing!”

MAGNIFICENT THREE by Cristina Ramella

My next destination was Egypt and even though I came back home completely in love with this destinies, I have to say that Egypt was the one that took my heart, this country is a “must-visit” place in your travel list! 
There is so much to learn in its different museums as Copto Museum, Gayer Anderson and Manial Place in which I recommend you always going with a guide, because if you aren’t an expert in History it will be extremely difficult to identify the characters, monuments or relics.
You will love the chaotic cities like Cairo, its markets full of everything you can imagine and more, its exotic food (which I loved), and the huge amount of landscapes this country has for curious tourists like me.  

MAGNIFICENT THREE by Cristina Ramella

I also took a cruise on Nile River, which was beautiful and peaceful, and of course I went to see the majestic pyramids which left me astonished because of their size and beauty.
After my odyssey in Egypt, I went back to Israel to have a couple more days in Jerusalem, I wanted to explore its religion and cultural diversity; I recommend you taking a guided tour to understand and appreciate everything perfectly.

One of my favorite parts of this trip was visiting the Dead Sea, it was a unique experience but I would have preferred not to share that day with an excursion to Masada, even though it is a beautiful archeological place with a breathtaking view, the Dead Sea was a place that I would have wanted to invest more time in, without so much rush. 
Right next from Jerusalem I went to Tel Aviv to take my flight back home, and as always you think you are going to make a trip but at the end it is the trip that makes you!
I always carry my favorite items to my travels, I specially love the world collection from Cristina Ramella, because I experience amazing adventures in my trips and the jewelry pieces become part of my story.
I feel that the jewelry that travels with me, kind of helps me collecting places I’ve visited and make me remember them through amazing pictures.

MAGNIFICENT THREE by Cristina Ramella

For me, traveling means to grow as a human being.
Discovering the world at the same time you discover yourself is amazing. Increasing your knowledge by learning new interesting things, always respecting traditions from other cultures and most of all being grateful for everything you are capable to enjoy.
I am not a girl that likes to plan her trips with a lot of anticipation because I really enjoy the adventure! But I can assure you I will travel again really soon!
- Aly Villegas

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Petra Archaeologic Park:
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