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Outstanding Moscow!

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Nataly Gutiérrez is the globetrotter behind this #truetraveler edition! Our brand manager went to visit the extraordinary Moscow and came back to tell us everything about her trip full of adventures! Take a look at all her restaurants, hotels and spots recommendations from this amazing city.

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

Since I was little, my dad always told me stories about Russia, I imagined its impressive buildings, its brave characters and the amazing events that occurred there. It became a dream for me to go on a trip to Russia and be able to admire everything by myself! Luckily I had the chance to go with my husband this year and let me tell you that Moscow was everything I expected, I came back thrilled because my dream came true!

My favorite spot was The Red Square and everything around it, it is beautiful and amazing, it's like the heart of the city! The Red Square has significant buildings, you can find Saint Basil's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the GUM store, the State Museum, the Kremlin and the Lenin Mausoleum. 

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

At first I was shocked by the Saint Basil's Cathedral architecture, it is so unique, perfect and all of its colours coordinate perfectly to create something beautiful! The GUM store is really old, in the beginning it was kind of a big market and now it is a high end departamental store with wide known brands. The Lenin Mausoleum was a place that I never expected was going to be so amazing and so shocking at the same time, they have the embalmed corpse of Vladmir Lenin there, it’s impressive how well preserved it is.

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

I recommend you to go to Tsaritsyno, the palace complex created as a suburb residence of the Empress Catherine II; also you have to see the Moscow metro, you will be impressed by its design, built around 1920-1959. 
Riding the city's underground subway system is sightseeing tour in itself because it was designed and decorated by famous Russian architects and sculptors as a tribute to the working class of Moscow, it is also known as "people's palace". 

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

Me and my husband took a boat tour around the city and it was lovely, we got to see all the spectacular buildings! We stayed in the Raddison Hotel, one of the 7 skyscrapers of Stalin. It was a great experience and I really recommend it, had excellent service and facilities. 

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

Outstanding Moscow by Cristina Ramella

If you are a food lover, you will me amazed by the Russian food, it is delicious! A restaurant I recommend you is the White Rabbit, you will definitely love it! 
My favorite piece from Cristina Ramella jewelry is the travel the world bangle because it is really original and fits perfectly with everything, traveling has always been one of my passions and this piece describes me really good.
I always have had this excitement to travel and to see the world, I am constantly looking for new places to go and that is why I have lived in many different places; I love to meet new people, try new food and visit different cities! 

My next destinations are going to be Seattle and Vancouver and I am really excited about them! It is always wonderful to have the opportunity to visit new places!

Go follow Nataly on her next adventures in her Instagram account: @ngcaraveo

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