It’s always a new experience to visit the places where you grew up like an outsider, looking with the eyes of a tourist makes you appreciate and get fascinated by even the most little or casual details.

Like every year, I take my family, my travel essentials and step into a plane back home, Italy. This time specifically in San Michele di Pagana, Liguria, where I spent my summers as a kid, grew up and later got married.

My Italian Summer by Cristina Ramella

I wanted to share with you my favorite locations to hang out, from where to go shopping all the way to the sand and cristal waters of a beach. 

First of all, you can’t start a trip without a great place to stay in; the hotel Excelsior Palace located in Rapallo and the Hotel Splendido Portofino are great choices. Perfect to relax and get a drink, they won’t disappoint you with their superior service and stunning views.

My Italian Summer by Cristina Ramella

Portofino has beautiful landscapes worth taking five minutes to just breath in and admire. Rather than simply following the bay, get lost in the colorful streets, enjoy the local life and cusine. I’m sure you will fall in love with every single corner.

My Italian Summer by Cristina Ramella

Travel the World Bracelet by Cristina Ramella

I think the beach and the sea are some of the most relaxing and amazing gifts the earth has given us, Liguria has some beautiful seascapes like Paraggi, Prelo and Camogli. I am thankful we got to visit them all in such a short time.

My Italian summer by Cristina Ramella

World Cuff, Long Ring by Cristina Ramella

To enjoy the best Aperol Spritz aperitivo visit the Miami cafe in Santa Margharite Ligure, a small city where I love to go shopping and dinner later. What about a Spaghetti alle vongole? Maybe a Focaccia or some pasta al Pesto, a good vine, and for the sweet lovers, end up with the best gelato.

My Italian Summer by Cristina Ramella

Definitely, a must-visit would be La Cervara, an ancient Italian convent of medieval origin. Today is private property and its church is open to Catholic worship. Is located next to the small town of Paraggi, next to the coast. The lovely garden and view are great to walk through and take pictures. If you want to visit, be sure to get a reservation some months before you come!

My Italian Summer by Cristina Ramella

I can’t wait to be back in 2020, to see all the new corners and experiences that are waiting for me, See you soon!

 - Cristina Ramella


World Traveling Hands by Cristina Ramella



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