Traveling solo!

All the member's at  Cristina Ramella's team share their love for travels and get lost in new and magical places. For the brand, it is very important to be a passionate globetrotter. In this #WorldTravelingCrush edition, our Logistics Coordinator Mariana shares her experience of traveling by herself to the beautiful Canada for the first time, all the places she visited and her accurate recommendations.

Since I was little, I’ve always had a traveler’s soul. I lived in Tuscany, Italy, I’ve walked through the dunes of Dubai’s dessert, I’ve watched the sunrise in Capadocia up in the sky in a hot air balloon, I’ve eaten tortilla Española while watching Spanish dancers perform their famous dance tablao, I’ve admired beautiful palaces in San Petersburg and many other adventures while having my beloved ones by my side.

Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella

This trip to Canada was the first time I traveled completely by myself and I have to admit it was really scary at first but it turned out to be a really interesting experience and a risk I was happy to take. Traveling alone is never easy but the great part is that you learn a lot about yourself, you meet many different people and get to enjoy places you’ve never visited before.

Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella   Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella

Here is what you can do in Vancouver: rent a bike and have a ride around the beautiful island and to Stanley Park, visit the art galleries and Public Market in Granville Island, cross the moving bridge in Capilano and go to Victoria Island in a ferry tour that gives you the opportunity to see whales!

 If you are looking for a little bit of party you can visit Granville Street; you will have a great time at Granville Room Bar with excellent music, drinks and food.

And please try the Canadian traditional dish: Poutine at La Belle Palate! The most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen are in Banff National Park in Alberta. I highly recommend you going to as many lakes as you can, each one has its own beauty; I took amazing pictures at lakes Morraine, Louise and Emerald, but there are many others too.

  Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella   Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella

In Vancouver I stayed in the Hyatt Regency Hotel which is located downtown, it is really close to all the attractions and transportation; and in Banff I stayed at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, this one is really interesting because it is in the middle of the forest and the views from the rooms are breathtaking.

Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella

For me, the world jewelry is a reminder of the adventures and the world outside waiting to be discovered. I believe that traveling is the most exciting journey through a world full of surprises and the best way to meet new people and getting to discover new things about yourself.

Traveling solo by Cristina Ramella

I really want to keep getting to know my beautiful country so my next destination would be a place inside Mexico.


Victoria Whale Watching:

Granville Room Bar:

Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver:

Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff:



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