Being an immigrant in Mexico has thought me so much about life, it is a country that welcomes you with arms wide open, its heart is so big that it can be home of everyone who wishes to live here. It’s been 13 years since I got here, a place where I found love, stability, family and my entrepreneur soul who took me to create the brand Cristina Ramella. In this amazing journey, I have met amazing people with the same vision like Daniela Bustos Maya. We share the love for this country and our collaboration is a way of expressing how we feel about it.

Mexico is a party full of colors, happiness and fits with any personality, just as this collection does. We thought there would be more stories like ours and wanted to hear about them so we invited some lovely, strong and foreign women with Mexican hearts to be part of the launch of the collection.

We enjoyed a delicious brunch at Sobremesa, it was such a beautiful event that it actually felt like a family breakfast. Everyone shared their personal story, talked to the other guests and listened why we are thankful to Mexico. I felt so moved to hear the stories of how they decided to stay here, what happened to their families, businesses and several amazing and empowering tales. I wish I could share every single word they used to define what Mexico makes them feel, but I would never be able to express it like them. 

On my side, love brought me here I met my husband in Italy, then moved to New York and finally settle down in Mexico. Since I came here, I have grown both as a person and as a professional, this country has welcomed me as a mother and an entrepreneur and it inspires me every day with all the colors and warmth around me. Looking back, I could say that Mexico was a lovely chaos that made collision with the order I used to live in, yet it has filled my life with effervescence and happiness.

The love for this country is reflected on the jewels from the Collaboration with Daniela Bustos Maya, we share a deep affection for Mexico, we are grateful for all the moments and experiences it has given us. We embrace it as part of our identity and want to share it with the world.






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