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Cristina Ramella Travel Essentials

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Fashion weeks just started and I am obsessed with them! Full of glamour, celebrities, fresh ideas, travels and new places. 

We all know how hard is to pick the right things to take with us in our travels, so today I want to share with you my travel essentials and you can get some inspiration to keep exploring new places and cities around the world: 

Eilean brand clothes

I love to take with me organic clothes from Eilean Organic Couture, their clothing line with blouses and dresses have beautiful designs and are really comfortable for traveling. What I love the most is that they are a Mexican sustainable and organic fashion brand;they are concerned with taking care of our environment and reducing the negative fashion impact. 

These clothes are a magical combination for a traveler and a conscious woman. 

Cristina Ramella Travel Essentials

Pajamas from Amor a mi

I definitely would not change my “Amor a mi” silk pajamas, they are so soft and comfortable that I never forget to take them with me in my travels; I love the color and the design. The brand’s mantra is to honor the powerful woman that feels comfortable in her own skin and I am so up to that! 

Cristina Ramella Travel Essentials

Sisley skin care products

While I travel, I never forget to take care of my skin. Due to the long flights, different weather and lots of activities my skin usually gets dry and Sisley products always save me. They have a complete line of products to meet the needs of different skin types. My daily routine includes the hydra-global serum, which is an awesome anti-aging product, and the Ecological Compound, an amazing revitalizing and hydrating skin care product. 

Travel Essentials by Cristina Ramella

Hydra-Global Serum:

Ecological Compound:

Valextra travel bag

My essential, the Valextra Iside maxi Bag made in Italy, my homeland. With a timeless design, this travel bag is really comfortable and also perfectly suited to carry all my belongings while I travel. There is space for my laptop, documents, cellphone, purse and even a set of extra clothes. This is the perfect bag for a modern globetrotter who wants to travel with style. 

Travel Essentials by Cristina Ramella


Acqua di parma perfume

Another one of my travel essentials is my Bergamotto Di Calabria Eau de Toilette from Acqua di Parma. The smell is authentic Calabrian bergamot combined with the freshness of citron, it reminds me of my Italian heritage and my trips to the Mediterranean. It has been my favorite for a long time and I make sure I take it with me in my travels. 

Travel Essentials Cristina Ramella

I hope you liked my travel recommendations; I love being able to share these tips with you! Make sure to keep up with our brand’s travels on Instagram: @cristinaramellaofficial


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