Murad and Natalia Osmann started a project that captivated the world: Follow Me To. They started sharing stories from some of the world’s most unknown and unrecognizable landmarks through amazing pictures. Their signature one, the image of a girl taking a young man’s hand and leading him to the most iconic places on Earth. 


Follow Me To wearing Cristina Ramella

World Cuff by Cristina Ramella

They became famous around the world and their project also became really popular, they started writing blog posts, guides and recommendations from the places they visited. People followed them through their trips around the world and were amazed with their photos, videos and posts! 


Follow Me to wearing Cristina Ramella


Murad and Natalia discovered Cristina Ramella pieces and fell in love with them, their passion for traveling the world and discovering new places was reflected in these jewelry pieces. 

Natalia has rocked some of our pieces in her amazing pictures, such as our signature world cuff, our lunar orbit ring, the borderline cuff and our NYC ring. You can find them in our website: 


Follow Me to wearing Cristina Ramella

Follow Me to wearing Cristina Ramella


In their last video in Egypt, Natalia featured our Terra hand cuff, she looked spectacular wearing it and made us all wish we were also there! The landscapes, colors and atmosphere were incredible, it is one of those videos that are hard to forget.



We love that this amazing couple takes their Cristina Ramella pieces with them in their adventures around the world, we always follow them through their trips and we love them and their unique project Their passion, energy and love for the world inspire us, they made traveling a lifestyle and created a movement that became so trendy! Our brand fits perfectly with their lifestyle, two passionate souls that travel around the world to discover new places, culture, food and interesting people, sharing their journey and experiences! 

 Follow Me to wearing Cristina Ramella

Travel Bracelets by Cristina Ramella

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