Tourists in Tokyo!

Our #truetraveler for this edition presents to us her latest trip to Tokyo, Japan’s political, financial and cultural center! Ana Patricia lives in Mexico City and she has always been an authentic traveler and food lover.

Tourists in Tokyo by Cristina Ramella

“I spent 2 weeks as a tourist in Japan and there were hundreds of spots that I definitely loved. I went to Sensoji Temple which is one of Tokyo’s more colorful and popular temples, there were a lot of curious tourists there. I also visited Roppongi district which is know as one of Japan’s most popular nightlife districts, there are a lot of restaurants, night clubs and bars. If you want to spend a good time with your friends you must visit Roppongi.”

Tourist in Tokyo by Cristina Ramella

The only museum I visited was 21_21 Design Sight, I was impressed with the details, everything you see is a reflection of the amazing Japanese architecture and design, it was created by the architect Tadao Ando and the designer Issey Miyake. 

Tourists in Tokyo by Cristina Ramella

I stayed at Hotel Villa Fontaine in Roppongi which is located right across from the Izumi Garden Tower. The hotel is near by fitness clubs, restaurants, museums, and a luscious green park. 

I enjoyed staying there because everything was so modern and clean! They location is excellent as well as their service and also the food was delicious!

Tourist in Tokyo by Cristina Ramella

I recommend you to walk around the city and get lost in it if you can, when you see a restaurant or a store that catches your attention, just go in and explore! The food I remember the most was the one I tried in a really small restaurant in a tiny town located in Japan’s mountains, it was in the back of a souvenir store and there were 4 or 5 tables in a beautiful terrace with a pretty view, everything was fantastic, the food, the prices, the presentation, the company and the flavor, these are the characteristics of many restaurants in Japan. Whether you enter to a fancy restaurant or a more casual one, everything is impeccably pretty and tasty.

Tourist in Tokyo by Cristina Ramella

My favorite piece from Cristina Ramella is the World Globe Necklace, for me it’s incredible to have planet Earth hanging from your neck. It’s such an unique jewelry piece!

I also love the city bangles and how you can build your own stack depending on the cities you love or have visited. 

For me, traveling is the opportunity to see and be able to experiment places, people, landscapes, magazines and food that you never imagined existed and also discover other forms of “being”. Traveling is letting life itself surprise you in a beautiful way! 

My next destination is India, I’ve never been there but is such an intriguing country full of colors and amazing people! I really want to go there and discover as much as I can, I can’t wait to visit the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. 

 To keep up with Ana Patricia and her trips follow her Instagram account: @anapatriciaponce

Tourists in Tokyo by Cristina Ramella


Where to go?   21_21 Design Sight:

Where to stay?  Hotel Villa Fontaine in Roppongi:

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