The concept of journey is very broad, it can have as many different meanings as travellers can count.  Between adventurous explorers and lazy luxury travellers, there’s a whole world of diverse experience seekers. And this is maybe the only thing we all have in common: the longing for experiences.

I have been traveling and living abroad for almost a decade. Through these years, I’ve made myself a collection of adventures and places explored, from deserts to lush forests and remote islands to magical ships cruising enchanted waters or trains rolling through the African bush.


But if you ask me what was the most amazing thing I’ve seen or experienced during my travels, my answer will always be about the people, the culture and all they have taught me.  There is no better way to understand a place than looking and experiencing how is to live in those conditions and learn from the locals, who have been interacting and evolving with it.

 Every culture is a new window to look at the world with a completely different perspective, from the tribes of remote Indonesian jungles to the shamans of the Amazon forests, the Fijan warriors to the Andean healers.  Getting to spend time with and learn from humans that are so very different from me has been the most mind-blowing experience of all.

On my last trip, I had the chance to stay for several months in Zanzibar and Tanzania. I spent most of my time working beside the Maasai of East Africa, a proud and wild community.  It felt like traveling through time and space. They reminded me anew of the fact that we are all one big diverse family and should all be Guardians of the Earth. And what a beautiful reminder that is.

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