The ethereal Iceland

It is clear that the love for traveling is common and powerful in Cristina’s family. This time, it is her sister's turn, Martina, to share her incredible traveling experience along with her husband to the cold and ethereal Iceland. And of course,  having always by her side, her sister’s world inspired jewelry. 

I traveled to Iceland at the end of August, it is a very good time to visit the country, the weather is nice because it is not as cold as in winter and you have many hours of light to admire this magical land.

 The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella  The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella

My favorite destination has been the West Coast: visiting its fiords you can admire beautiful landscapes and rarely meeting other tourists. In particular I would recommend to visit Stykkisholmur, a very small fishermen village, where me and my husband ate delicious blue mussels after a romantic walk to the light house.
The fresh and energetic atmosphere of the harbour is a part of the experience when you dine at Sjávarpakkhúsið.
In here, you can watch the fishermen return with their catch of the day while you are enjoying a delicious meal. I really fell in love with this place!

The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella   The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella

Another destination that left us breathless was Glymur Resort, located near Reykjavík with a breathtaking view over Whale Fjord. This hotel has a relaxed environment and a restaurant that has amazing food to offer. As we arrived in this hotel we experienced its geothermal hot tub admiring the fiord. 

The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella

This part of the tour was definitely my favorite, only rain, northern wind and local people; everything made the atmosphere just magic, I enjoyed every minute of it.
Once you're in Iceland you cannot miss the more touristic destinations and visit the Geysir Hot Spring Area located in Soutwestern Iceland, with boiling mud pits and exploding geysers that spout water into the air every few minutes.  
The Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon has become a very popular place for tourists to visit due to its amazing beauty. Did you know this place is Iceland’s most popular filming location? I love the pictures I took in here, they look so unreal! And finally I recommend you to visit the Skogáfoss waterfalls, they are so pretty! With a river below them, you will find fishermen trying to catch one of the many types of fish there; and if you are lucky and there is enough sun that day, you can admire a beautiful rainbow in front of the waterfalls!

The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella  
The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella   The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella

When I think of world jewelry I think in my sister! She represents everything related to traveling and the love for jewelry; and when I have the possibility to visit a new destination I always bring her gold rose world bangle with me! Traveling for me, is taking time for yourself, to look forward and take distance from your day-by-day life, it helps me overcome some fears and live more fully and happily.

The ethereal Iceland by Cristina Ramella

Flying to Iceland has left me the desire to go visit lands even closer to the Arctic Circle, as Greenland or North Norway as my next travel destinations!

Martina Ramella

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