Intriguing London!

For this #truetraveler edition we have Diana Aguera, a passionate fashion brand creative who enjoys traveling around the world! She shares with us her experience in London and all the places she recommends!

Every time I go to London I never get to decide what I love the most about the city, is it the amusement and joy? Is it the architecture and art? Or is it the endless lovely memories in the rain. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve been and the stories I’ve collected over the years. This city is so dear to me.

Even though I have planned every activity in advance to seize every minute, I don’t tight the agenda too much because I like to walk and enjoy the scenery, to stop everywhere that catches my attention and also because there are always some new trending spot to discover.

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

Never miss to walk at Queens Walk that leads everywhere from, Millennium Bridge, Southbank, London’s Eye to Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrods are my long time favorites too.

Some people might find very ordinary being in touristic sights, but I found a magical way to enjoy them, I take my time, find a nice spot and have some tea or a quick bite.

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

I love to chill at Hyde Park and afterwards going to Notthing Hill for lunch. On weekends, Portobello Road becomes pedestrian, when I go there I love to browse the antiques, groceries and any kind of artisan food and drinks.

There are many spots in Carnaby Street and Covent Garden that I never miss, but lately I found very fascinating going to Shoreditch to jump around shops, restaurants and coffee shops, is great for meetings with friends.

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

Most of the time I’m searching to have an English experience and there is nothing more English than having tea in the afternoon at the English Tea Room inside the Browns Hotel. For dinner I love Balthazar at Covent Garden, although it's very traditional and French I love its location and their truffle fries. I highly recommend Pizza East in Shoreditch where I had the best pizza and the atmosphere is great, downstairs there is a club that I always find out open even at lunchtime. 

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

The Ivy is a must but Soho has a lot of amazing and divert restaurant options. I don’t go clubbing very often, I prefer to go to bars in Soho like My Place, it is a very tinny bar and people just grab their drinks and take them outside. In London you can mix any kind of experience.

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

My trips are always planned around to museums and art or fashion exhibitions. This time I went to Kensington Palace and of course the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Tate is great for Modern Art, it's very spacious and it gives me time to relax and think; and The National Gallery just because I’m passionate about art and being surrounded by masterpieces.

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

I always stay at the Sanderson because it's close to Regent and Oxford St where is idyllic to shop and is not too far from Bond St, another great street where I love shopping. For this trip I tried the Mondrian Hotel, which has a back view to the Thames and it's very close from all the places I love by walking. The hotel is modern and colorful; the personal is polite and friendly and last but not least is not close to traffic and noisy areas so I got a very nice sleep time.

I love to pile up the ‘City’ bangels, is like having a carry on memories of all those incredible trips I've made and makes me wonder where my next adventure would be. I also love the World Mexico necklace to have my beloved country at view.

Intriguing London by Cristina Ramella

I've always had this idea about traveling as part of the basic human needs, for me is more important than any material stuff. It gives you adventures, experience and culture, keeps your mind open and really makes me happy. One of my favorite quotes about traveling by Simon Raven that pretty much resumes my feelings and thoughts says: “Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner start exploring, the better”.

I’m going to Miami very soon, is a recurrent city in my agenda and I always get very excited to get there and see the people I love and get to gather with my friends, hence is a city that is growing so fast there is always something new

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Hotel Mondrian London:

English Tea Room inside the Browns Hotel London:

Baltazar restaurant in London:

Pizza East in Shoreditch, London:

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