#WorldTravelingHands Contest

I started the "#Artelier Around The World" project almost two years ago and today we like to call it the #WorldTravelingHands project: New Brand, New Me, New Blog and New Contest! 

It all started with one picture, an amazing shot of the World Cuff with the Empire State on the background made by a one of my first clients. Like a lightbulb, the idea of having my jewelry photograph all over the world took control of my night thoughts. I imagined a World Long Ring with the Eiffel tower behind, a Globe Pendant with the Duomo in Milan or a Parallel Cuff with the Portofino's sea. 

The World Cuff at NY

With the help of lots of amazing people (a.k.a. YOU!) that believed in this project too, the night thought became a reality with so much more destinations than I have ever imagined. A few examples of what we collected:The Opera House in Sydney, The Gherkin in London, The Taj Mahal, Machu Pichu, the Sahara Desset, Tokyo Tower and The Golden Bridge in San Francisco; and cities like Iceland, Dubai, Hawaii, South Africa, Mexico, Saint Petersburg, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Thailand, and so many others from literally all over the world!

The World Long ring in Hawai The Opera House, SydneyEiffel Tower Duomo de MilanJohannesburg, South Africa Thailand

As for me I'm always attempting to take more pictures everywhere I go, I'm not gonna lie, my husband looks at me like I'm crazy (lol)! But I don't care, it's so much fun to be part of this community we have created as a brand and it's so special to feel part of something out of your normal self.

So please go on and keep creating amazing pictures for our collection of #WorldTravelingHands! I will be picking my favorite at the end of May and the winner will receive a $400 USD coupon to shop his/her favorite piece on our website. 

Care_Much at Teotihuacan

The World is our canvas and we want to fill it with #WorldTravelingHands!
Be part of our dream!

 Lots of love, #WorldTravelingHands Contestby Cristina Ramella

  Shop World Cuff here: goo.gl/e53muQ

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