What I love most about traveling to other cities is coming back home full of stories and experiences that can be translated into inspiration and new challenges.

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On the last few months the company has been growing greatly and I’ve had to travel outside Mexico for work. Last week it was an express trip to Milan, I was so excited to go back and see my family and friends even for just a week. I won't lie, jet lag was no treat (how bloggers do it?!).

I do try to visit Italy al least once a year with my husband and kids, it's wonderful when you can call two places HOME. We go back and time just stands still, it seems like we never left. This trip was different though, I had to take the decision to fly in just a week when I'm used to take months to plan dates! It was just for a few days but they were enough to start new projects and to spend quality time with my family.  

I visited our country house in Marzio, near Varese, where I have many childhood memories. Its a magical place, so calm surrounded by trees, flowers and the whisper of the wind. My amazing family surprised me with a belated birthday party and a delicious cake, it's being so long since I had a birthday party with all of them. 

Back to Milan 

World Traveling Hands  Compass Cuff  

In addition of enjoying a few days filled with memories, long walks and having breakfast in one of my favorite spots, I had a very important appointment with a recognized department store in Milan and you'll be able to find us in my beloved city at last: The Brian and Barry Building.

World Traveling Hands

And guess what? We will be able to display our pieces in this amazing showcases alongside incredible brands.

Back to Milan  Back to Milan

I’m very happy that I will be able to take this project around the world to all globetrotters and map obsessed like me.

I won't spoil the surprise though, you'll know soon enough ;)

Lots of love! BACK TO MILAN by Cristina Ramella 

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