Today I want to share with you my interview with The Fancy Archive.
It was a very funny and new experience for me, I'm a little introvert person so being on the spotlight was kind of weird, but I think I handled it ok! What do you think?
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Cristina Ramella Interview for The Fancy Archive

Cristina Ramella is the founder and Creative Director of the Mexican based jewelry brand Artelier. Born and raised in Italy, Cristina spent her life in Milan, where she completed her studies up to a master’s degree in Industrial Design at The Polytechnic University of Milan. As passionate as she is, Cristina decided to specialize in Fine Jewelry and Methalsmith in New York City. Later on, in 2011 she established herself in Mexico and created Artelier, a fine jewelry brand.
Her love for the contemporary arts, design and architecture, complements her love for precious metals and their metamorphosis processes. Cristina has lived in several cities such as Sydney, London, Genoa (where she worked for architect Renzo Piano and met her husband), New York and, nowadays, Mexico. She is a passionate traveler and a down to earth designer.
“When I was living in NYC, pregnant with my second child Isabel”, she said. “I decided I wanted to come back to Mexico and start being an entrepreneur, run my own business and do what makes me really happy. Designing jewelry is, in a way, like making sculptures, only wearable. I love the connections I found In Artelier between art, design, architecture and fashion. Fashion doesn’t have to be plain and meaningless, it can tell a story, relate to our cultures and histories. This is what makes me really passionate about Artelier, the story behind my designs and how my clients relate to them in so many fascinating different ways.”


Artelier is a dream come true for her, a place where her creativity and experience meet to create beautiful pieces and statements. For Cristina, her clients come first, and her main goal is to show who she truly is with her designs in order to make her customers happy. Cristina loves to travel and has a profound interest and love for everything related to the sea; specially sports like sailing, an activity she has practiced since she was a little kid.

About her achievements she shared with us that being the winner of the prestigious international competition for designers “A Design Awards” has been the most exciting experience.

For her, fashion like any form of art, is an open field for creativity. “It’s expressing your ideas and turning them into something visible and touchable”, she said. “When others appreciate it and decide to buy it, your private vision becomes public and therefore… fashion”.

She managed to do what she loves the most and make a living out of it. Things in her life are dynamic, impulsive, driven by passion and never coldly calculated. “What’s driving me today may not be the same as tomorrow”, she said. “The love I have for my family is the only constant”.

In her creative process the best ideas show up at night. She is a light sleeper and a big dreamer. The moment she closes her eyes she starts dreaming about new designs and then wakes up like a crazy person, runs to the office and starts working with her team of designers until they create what she was dreaming about in a practical, beautiful and wearable way.


When asking Cristina about her icons in the art and fashion world, she expressed her admiration for all those women who are mothers as well, and seem to find the perfect balance between doing what they love in their jobs and the amazing journey of being a mother. She shared many names of the likes of Diane Von Fürstenberg, Rachel Zoe, Yliana Yepez, among others. Her go-to boutiques are: “The Webster” in Miami,“Antonia” at Milan and Claire’s “Fivestory” in New York. Her favorite quote is “Invest in beauty and it will stay with you forever” by Frank L. Wright, and the last song she listened to on her iPod was Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey.

Cristina´s designs are worn by the most iconic international bloggers and have been featured in every fashion magazine worth reading. Her talent is making wearable art and fine jewelry that become statement pieces in the art world. Today she is working on her new FW15 collection, which is inspired by the Moon and her gravitation around Earth. So stay tuned because TFA store offers all her designs and will have her new collection as soon as ready.

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