MILANO, LA MIA CITTA' by Cristina Ramella

This Summer I'm back for a few days in Milan for work. I'm setting up one of our latest showrooms at Secoo, in the core of the city, Piazza Duomo. The view from here is outstanding, my heart is pounding as I set the window of my latest collection and sip some coffee contemplating the blue sky and the facade of the majestic Duomo di Milano. 

Milan is the city where I grew up and lived most of my life until I fell in love, but that's another story... maybe I will tell you later ;)

It was a difficult place to grew up compared with another cities. I'm a very open person and Mexico reflect my personality way more. But now, as an outlander, there are so many small details and hidden beauty I missed about my wonderful city. Beauty I had to step away from to appreciate it.

When I was walking around I started to think, and I have to confess a tear rolled down my cheek... I'm so thankful for how lucky I was to grow up surrounded by such deep culture and beauty everyday. As Italians we don't even realize how deeply this affects our aesthetic and view of the World. I'm so happy to be able to share it through my designs and so thankful for all the amazing feedbacks I have from you!

MILANO, LA MIA CITTA' by Cristina Ramella

MILANO, LA MIA CITTA' by Cristina Ramella

For all of you living far from home, do you have the same feeling as me? that there are so much beautiful things we don't even realize until we are out? Do you remember the food, the people and places we used to see everyday and love them even more?

MILANO, LA MIA CITTA' by Cristina Ramella MILANO, LA MIA CITTA' by Cristina Ramella

Returning to Milano this summer made me remember and rediscover all this places, people and food that I love so much. Have you been to Milano? Tell me what you loved!

Lots of love, 

MILANO, LA MIA CITTA' by Cristina Ramella




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  • Maria

    Haven’t been there, but definitely on my To Go List! <3 <3 <3

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