2015 was fulfilled with blessings, travels and experiences I will never forget, experiences that made me realize that it was time to move forward, to evolve... so I decided to take one of the most scary but at the same time exciting decisions ever.
Today I'm very happy to share with you that my brand has undergone a significant transformation and now it will be known as “CRISTINA RAMELLA® World Inspired Jewelry”.

MY BRAND EVOLUTION by Cristina Ramella

I'm super excited to start this new chapter, that feels like a new beginning. And very grateful to all the people that surrounded me and help me to embrace the change.

I am sure this is going to be a successful new start and I would be thrilled if you join me into this new adventure! So, thank you ARTELIER for all you have been for me and my team, but it's time to let you go.

To celebrate this evolution, I decided to capture this moment with a few pictures of me taken by talented friend Marcela Cerbon. I have to confess I'm a little shy about it but I'm also having a great time with all this transformation process!!

Cristina Ramella by Cristina Ramella

And with this change, the launch of our new collection is also at the door. In a few days we will be officially presenting our new Compass Collection during NYFW. Here is a little behind the scenes of what me and my team have been working on:

MY BRAND EVOLUTION by Cristina Ramella

MY BRAND EVOLUTION by Cristina Ramella

I hope you like this new image and collection as much as I do! Tell me what do you think about it? I can't wait to read all your comments!


Lots of love, 

MY BRAND EVOLUTION by Cristina Ramella


  • Katherine

    Totally in love with the new image and Compass Collection! Can’t wait to have it!

  • Fernanda

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what you design next! SUPER LIKE :)

  • Paulina

    Amazing work! And very inspirational post! Congrats love new image.

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