I’ve always been inspired by cities that offer adventures, culture, architecture and fashion, is like finding secret doorways to the coolest places around the world. Knowing that I'm about to explore this new lifestyle, even if it's for a few days, is so thrilling!

So, picture this: You are about to land in a city that lives with 21 hours of time zone difference with your home; through the airplane window you are able to see mountains, hundreds of lights all over the city and skylines everywhere... And at last there it is, the World most visited city, Hong Kong.

Hello SECOO HONG KONG by Cristina Ramella

Unfortunately, I haven't being physically to Hong Kong (yet), but I'm so happy to share with you that my brand is! It is since July 7th that we have officially launch with SECOO HONG KONG Boutique at Tsim Sha Tsui and online store www.secoo.com.hk.

For all of you who are wondering, you can find Tsim Sha Tsui at the south of the city, at the paradise of shoppers and top 1 location that travellers love most. Here you will see a full vision of stores, restaurants, buildings and shopping malls (every girls dream basically).

You can book your stay here too, the most famous hotels in the area are the Peninsula Hong Kong and Sheraton Hong Kong, and guess what?  you need only only 5-10 minutes' walk to SECOO boutique. 

There are other options if you want to stay at the most stylish boutique hotels with amazing skyscrapers views and high-end designs. I recently found The Mira Hotel, and it is to die for! Such style conscious rooms of glass with aromatherapy baths, a Coco Chocolate Bar and a Michelin star restaurant. I imagine myself right now behind that glass, drinking and eating and laughing while looking into the city lights. Hong Kong is so in my Top 5 Travel Wishlist!

Another amazing hotel I found is the Icon Hotel designen by Conran, Lin and Rocoo Yim.  It has sophisticated rooms, oriented public spaces and a private panoramic rooftop bar. As you can see I have plan my trip by now, the date is just pending ;)

Hong Kong

I always have a a major doubt when traveling to a new city, either to let the city surprise me and not have any form of itinerary, or plan activities and places to go. I know the best is to do a mix, but wouldn't you love to just arrive to a city and be clueless?

That would be another city though, for Hong Kong I already know that I want to take a helicopter ride at the Peninsula Hotel so I can have a complete sky-view of the city. The HSBC Building is also a must for me, designed by Norman Foster, is an envisioned building and such a challenging arquitectural project by its time. The Peak building, the highest point on Hong Kong Island and Ritz-carlton Hotel, considered the world's highest hotel (118 floor).

On my list is also the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Cultural Center. I'll definitely walk the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard to find local an international brands, the perfect spot to do some unforgettable and epic shopping. 

And of course visit the SECOO Boutique! It has amazing brands like, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Hermes, BV, Chanel, Gucci, just to mention a few. For the opening ceremony our friends of SECOO worked for hours to have everything ready: they had buses that displayed all the different products they showcase around the city, there were promotions like free shipping and frappucinos (who wouldn't like that?!). They really did a fantastic job and it feels amazing to be part of this great Project.


Secoo Hong Kong Boutique

Launching Cristina Ramella in Secoo Hong Kong

As me and my team went deeper in our collaboration with Secoo, we couldn't wait to design something special that captured the essence of the urban architecture of the city for them. And so, we designed the Hong Kong Bangle.

Check out the preview:

Secoo Hong Kong Bangle by Cristina Ramella

When we started to work on the concept, we wanted to create a bracelet that was so much and so little at the same time, we started thinking on the most significative element that project the true essence of this magical city. And the thing that impressed us the most was its architecture and urban projection.

We throw ourselves into it and designed different versions of the city skyline. It was after a lot of sketches, 3D modeling and design work, that we were able to reproduced it into an exquisite design that carries their unique skyline and as a final touch, our logo and SECOO’s carved in the inside.

We can’t wait to share new surprises and designs for all of you globetrotters. Stay tuned, there are a lot of incredible projects coming!


 Lots of love!  Hello SECOO HONG KONG by Cristina Ramella

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