Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush

For another #WorldTarvelingCrush post we want you to meet Maria and Pamela, two mexican sisters that shared with us their passion of travel. Here you can find a picture of their traveling minds and their adventures in Cozumel. 

Traveling has always been an aspect of our lives. Since we were little our dad always tried to inculcate the love for travel and adventure in our minds, and we believe he has accomplished it tremendously. From deserts, to snow mountains, or to hot sand beaches, the spirit for adventures and discovering the unknown has followed us throughout the years. Cristina Ramella captures the spirit of traveling and adventures in her Jewelry in a way that few brands have and that is why we are delighted that we were given the chance to work with her and her newest pieces in our latest trip.

The feeling of getting inside an airplane and knowing that a new place, new people, food, smells, and sensations are waiting for you is a feeling that we know we'll never get tired of. Our traveling plans always promise to be different and this was not an exception.  

Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella

As we looked through the airplane window we could see the hundreds of different shades of blue that were starting to appear in front of our eyes. Cozumel has always been underrated if compared to Cancun or Playa del Carmen, both beautiful but much more commercial than this little island we were about to land into. After a few hours of picking up our luggage and renting a car we finally headed to “Naah Ha” which would be our home for the week. Our department was beautiful, we loved all the spaces in which you could lay down and relax; but the highlight was the view, we were on the 8th floor which meant we could see into the sea and beyond.

    Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella  Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella

People go to Cozumel for three reasons mainly: Scuba Diving, the food and friendly environment or to simply escape life for a moment and enjoy this island’s hidden secrets; and that’s what we did. We scuba dived two times a day for 4 days straight, and to be honest, I feel like it wasn’t enough. We saw so many incredible creatures and plants that every time we finished a dive I couldn’t wait to go back inside. Sharks, turtles, stingrays, fish, lobsters and starfishes are just some of the few amazing creatures Cozumel let us meet.

Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella

Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella

Anyone who has ever scuba dived knows that the one side effect of diving is strong, hunger. As soon as you go out of the water and into the ship your body feels exhausted and begs you for food, which is why we always packed some snacks for the trip. When we returned to shore we would hit some of Cozumel’s most famous spots to eat; “Le Chef” with its famous Lobster Sandwich, “New Especias” with its delicious Risotto or “Guidos” which is probably one of the best restaurants in the island and won’t disappoint you.

We enjoyed every single day and even met with a few friends which were staying in the building beside us. Cozumel is definitely the vacation you are looking for if you want to take some time off life and enjoy every moment; the food, the places and the people are very friendly and they definitely make you feel at home. This vacation was the first but definitely not the last for us here.

Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella

Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella Loving Cozumel #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella  

Our favorite quote is “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, and we do try to live off it; because we believe that there is no better way to spend your time or money than on traveling. It's the best investment you will ever make.

Love, Pam y Maria

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