Say YES to Bolivia #WorldTravelingCrush

Traveling can be an unexpected experience, either with friends, family, relatives or even your other half, traveling opens your eyes to new places, cultures, landscapes but especially new visions of our World. Isabel and Andres are a globetrotting couple who decided to do one last trip together before officially saying “I do” at the altar.

Bolivia is famous for it’s beautiful natural landscapes, but without a doubt the “Salar de Uyuni” is one of the main reasons why tourists all over the world decide to visit this country. Spreading over 10,000 square kilometers this spot is the World’s largest salt flat, and is, in Isabel’s words “the most stunning natural landmark you’ll ever see.”

Say YES to Bolivia #WorldTravelingCrush

"The fact that the Salar grows more and more each year is unbelievable, you can do a 360 spin and see nothing but salt all around you! It’s like being lost in heaven and not being able to know where to walk or what direction to take. The whiteness of the salt brings you so much peace and tranquility, it’s quite impressive to know that our own Earth can create something so beautiful! You want to taste the best salt in this world? Just bend down and try it with your own fingertip.”

TrendTellers #WorldTravelingCrush Say YES to Bolivia #WorldTravelingCrush

“There’s a part in the Salar called the “Salt Mirror” it’s probably the best part of the Salar due to the fact that there’s about 3 cm of water in the floor and the mountains are completely reflected on the water; it seems as if you’re walking on water on the photos. The silence is stunning, there’s no sources of noise anywhere, you can even hear the wind moving little pieces of salt. In that moment you realize, the planes, the road trip, the train rides, they’re all worth it just to feel this split second of peace and serenity in you. We could see the sun starting to fade behind the mountains at the end of the horizon, and this was the only clear signal that our Earth was still moving.”

Say YES to Bolivia #WorldTravelingCrush

“Our love for traveling is difficult to explain, in terms of nature, every landscape of the Salar was like an instant painting to our eyes, but an eternal one for our minds. In terms of art, we love traveling because we always try to buy an iconic piece of art from our trips, we couldn’t do it in Bolivia because all the salt art pieces were too heavy to carry; but we loved seeing the artwork at little towns nearby.”

Say YES to Bolivia #WorldTravelingCrush

“The World Long Ring from Cristina Ramella is a constant reminder that the world is so small it can fit in your finger, but at the same time it’s very big, contrasting and surprising. We believe that while traveling you connect with nature, you meet this new and exciting world so much more bigger than yourself.Traveling enlightens you, it makes you smarter, brighter and fuller; having the ring on my finger makes me feel wanderlust and desire to go places I’ve never been. Life goes by so fast and before you know it you may run out of time to meet all the places you’ve always wanted to go to, that’s why I love traveling, it explains so much to me and inspires me every day.”

Traveling is not only an adventure or a trip, but a new way to see and feel life; it makes you want to leave your office and never return, but never the less it’s what makes us want to go back to our loved ones and tell them all about our adventures.”

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