Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush

In this week’s #WorldTravelingCrush we’re introducing to you Terry & Sarah, a Globetrotting couple who reminds us that it’s not only where you go, but who you go with. Terry & Sarah have been traveling around the world for some years now, and whether it’s to the peaceful Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya, the crowd filled streets in Melbourne Australia or the crazy museums in Hong Kong, this couple can’t get enough of seeing the world, and just might not get enough of their pictures.

Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush

"Travelling fulfills the soul and allows the mind to reach it's full potential. With every move, a piece of me is unlocked and I grow as a person."

Their latest destination was Shanghai, China. It’s safe to say that this modern, vibrant city is one that’ll definitely won’t disappoint; from the 632m Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with distinctive pink spheres Shanghai is a must in China and as Terry let us know it was their favourite in this asian country.

Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush   Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush

“My favourite place in China was without a doubt Shanghai, because of it's combination of modern and contemporary lifestyle. There was simply a feeling throughout the city that I have never experienced before.”

Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush   Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush

“The world jewelry represents our ambition to experience the beauty of the world. There is definitely a connection between our goals and the jewelry, which is special.”

Terry & Sarah Abroad #WorldTravelingCrush

“Our next destination is Greece, followed by our big move to Israel, where we will be living in Tel Aviv and starting the new chapter in our lives.”

Terry & Sarah are quite the globetrotting inspiration for us, they reflect the love of traveling, adventures, fashion and food all together. We love how much they care about each other and will definitely keep in touch with them to discover the adventures that await for them.

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