The spectacular Marrakech

For globetrotters finding a motivation for traveling is not a problem. Laura always find that the best way to celebrate her birthday in a new adventure with her other half. The perfect spot for this occasion was Marrakech. 

With a lot of expectations, they traveled to the magic city filled with palaces, marketplaces, gardens and mosques. One of those places of novels and stories; poets used to call it the “Pearl of the South“, also known as the “Red City.” 

LAURA - The old city is spectacular, surrounded by a big wall and its entrance doors. It’s like a passage through other time. Inside Medina you can find the riads, small and antique arab palaces, with inside courtyards, which have been converted into beautiful hotels, perfect to stay in Marrakech. You can hear water running all the time because of the central fonts, delight the smell of the vegetation and incredible views of Medina enjoying a mint tea. The hospitality is very good too and I highly recommend the delicious breakfasts and quiet and relaxed nights during the stay. If you decided to stay outside the Mediana you should go sometime to take dinner in a famous riad, we went to La Sultana, and it’s worth it big time. (Can be tricky to get there through the mazes of Medina but you always find help.)” 

The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella

The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella     The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella

Jamaa el Fna is a square and market place in Marrakesh's medina quarter, the heart of the city where all the routes end and begin. In the mornings you can find monkeys, snake enchanters and water sellers, and in the night it transforms and gets filled with food stalls. It’s great to see how does the square changes during the day, you can appreciate it in a beautiful terrace on the Café Glacie. 

Marketplaces are without a doubt one of the principal attractions there, I recommend Zoco Market, for sure you’ll get lost because is one of the biggest there, but if you like shopping is a great place to buy beautiful and singular things like metal lanterns, slippers, chilabas, tea sets, spices or clothes. 

  The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella

Majorette Gardens really surprised us, there are beautiful botanic gardens designed by the french artist Jacques Majorelle, which on the 80’s was bought by Yves Saint Laurent, the perfect spot to take a breath of the noisy city of Marrakech and refuge from the heat under the trees. The vegetation variety is amazing it has species from all over the world, cactus, bamboos, plants and flowers. The fonts and blue buildings makes it a magical place, one of the most visited spots in the city.

You can’t miss the Palace of the Bay, built at the end of the XIX century to be the most spectacular palace of the world. It’s a mix of buildings and gardens with arab style with eight hectares between one of the most important spots on the harem with a pond in the center surrounded the concubine's rooms. The place is kind of abandoned without objects on their interiors, but it's worth it a lot for the view. And all time I was imaging how beautiful this place was in its best times.

One of my favorite buildings was the Koutoubia Minaret of 66 meters tall. Koutoubia is the most important mosque in Marrakech and one of the biggest in the arab side. It’s placed near Plaza Jamaa el Fna and easy to enjoy its view from any terrace or restaurant of the zone. We appreciated through our hotel room, called Mamounia, one of the most beautiful hotels we’ve been. It’s impossible to visit Marrakech without enjoying their delicious mix of flavors. It has an enormous variety of traditional plates like couscous, tanginess and pigeon b'stills. 

 The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella 

The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella     The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella

At the end we decided to visit Atlas mountains with a length of 2,400 kilometers crossed Marrakech and others cities. what I admired the most was the way their population lives, the hard work, self-consumption and creativity for their beautiful crafts. 

  The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella

  The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella     The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella

Something turned very clear for me on this trip, Marrakesh is a mix of experiences and sensations combine  with big contrasts between the silence of the desert and its vibrant city, You definetly will chance your perpective after visiting this place. 

I’ve enjoyed every part of traveling, the plans transformed to memories and guide to another destine, hopping to go even farther for my next adventure! -

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Travel tips:

- Where to stay?   
La Mamounia Marrakech

- Where to eat?
La Sultana
Café Glacier

- Where to go?
Jemaa el 
Fnma Market
Zoco Market 
Majorelle Gardens

Palace of the Bay 

Koutoubia Mosque

Atlas Mountains


The spectacular Marrakech by Cristina Ramella


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