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TrendTellers #WorldTravelingCrush

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Fashion, food and traveling have always been a combination we can’t resist, but when it comes to this dynamic duo, Brenda & Andrea know what they’re talking about.


“We decided to do a blog together as sisters because it’s a mutual dream we’ve had for a long time, it wasn’t until talking to each other that we decided to do it together. Our goals were the same, our vision was too and as they say “two heads think better than one”, and just like that “TrendTellers” was born.”

“There’s been so many places we’ve traveled together that it’s hard to choose only one place as our favorite; but our top two would definitely be Paris & New York. We loved New York, the people and the ambience is so diverse & multicultural; you learn so much while you’re there & there’s always some new trend to meet. Paris is hard to explain in such few words, but in a nutshell it’s the home of fashion and tendencies; the headquarters of the greatest designers are there; It’s a fashion blogger’s fantasy!”


“We tend to use the World Jewelry quite a lot in our pictures, the World Cuff is a solid statement piece that will make heads turn your way every single time! Besides, we can really connect with the meaning of the Jewelry, traveling is a basic aspect of our lives and having a piece that symbolizes that is amazing.”

“Our goals for the future are many, but one of the most important is to keep growing our blog! Not only on followers (they’re important of course) but on collaborations with other brands, travel destinations, visiting Fashion Week and getting recognition from brands we look up to. One of our number one goals is to promote brands that are new or that are not so well known as international ones (like Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton), but smaller brands that we believe are having a big impact on the fashion industry without many people knowing!”


We’ve always believed that chasing your dream should always be your #1 priority in life, and if working with your sister means you can catch it together then what better way to do it? Andrea & Brenda taught us that it’s not only about the destination, but also, the company on the road.
Follow them on their social medias: @trendtellers


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