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Discover Patagonia #WorldTravelingCrush

For this #WorldTravelingCrush of the week we decided to reach out to an old friend of ours. Mariana Vital has been a traveler ever since she was born, she’s traveled to many countries and has a great perspective of what it means to be a globetrotter.

“I travel for the sense of Freedom. I travel because of the culture, the knowledge and the excitement to meet new places. I believe that when we travel our sense and vision of the world is extended to a whole new level.”

“I've returned every traveled experience knowing something has changed. Traveling with my World Jewelry reminds me that after every adventure I'm taking new experiences, memories and future aspirations with me."


“One of my favorite places I’ve visited is definitely Patagonia because it’s one of the most natural places I’ve been to. I was impressed by the fact that it was completely isolated and you felt as if you could find yourself there, in the middle of nowhere. Another place I’ve enjoyed visited  was San Francisco, I believe it’s a completely modern & vibrant city which I enjoyed very much.”


“One of my top bucket list places is Africa, I believe that all of this continent is a whole new experience and I’d love to go and meet new countries and their cultures. Also I believe that the whole volunteering experience is one that I would love to do at least once in my life.”

Mariana is a traveler who knows where to go & how to travel, her backpacking experiences around the world definitely make us want to follow her steps.
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