Walks of Italy #WorldTravelingCrush

If you ask me what I miss the most about Italy, I have to answer my hometown Milan, a city with ancestral culture, history and glamour. Even though I lived there most of my life it's a place that keeps making me fall in love with it every time I come back. I love to be surrounded by all the art, arquitecture and fashion. Everyday there is something new to discover, an exhibit, a museum, opera night and I always treat myself with a couple of shopping days with my mother.

Milan Skyview    The Brian and Berry Building

I was happy to reconect with family and friends but above all to nail down projects for the brand. San Babila has always been one of my favorite spots for shopping! Right there you can find one of the most important department stores "The Brian and Berry Building", http://thebrianebarrybuilding.it/  a twelve story building  filled with food and fashion.

Wearing Rhodium World Long Ring

I’m excited to tell you that you can now shop our Jewelry on the 2nd floor of this amazing building. Traveling is essential, since I try to get involved as much as I can, getting closer with our distributors and clients by trying to take care of every little detail in order to project the esence of Cristina Ramella.

Cristina Ramella Store    The Brian and Berry Building

It’s been a great experience to collaborate with such professionals and to be part of a space alongside worldwide known bands, we are sure that this will be just the first step into other stores around the world.

 Appart from beign a very gratifying visit on the profesional side I was fortunate enough to travel with my husband and my kids, it is always a great adventure with them. I do my best to show them every corner and spot that lead me to be the person I am today. This time we didn’t stop, we traveled from Milan to Santa Marguerita Ligure, Portofino, Tuscany (at my father's) , Isola D’elba, Lago di Trevignano all the way to Rome. We enjoyed some days at the beach, eating a lot of pasta, seafood, gelato and enjoying marvelous landscapes and seasides.   

Walks of Italy #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella   Walks of Italy #WorldTravelingCrush by Cristina Ramella

Walks of Italy Cristina Ramella   Black World Cuff Plastic

I love to be able to share this experience the same way you do with #WorldTravelingHands in all of my trips. I know I'll be back next year, but for now I'm feel blessed to start with new energy back at home and office here in Mexico!! 


Borderline #WorldTravelingHands

Lots of love!  Walks of Italy #WorldTravelingCrush

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