WELCOME TO ICELAND by Cristina Ramella

Traveling is such a magical experience, always unexpected, full of new adventures, places and people. Our brand inspiration is always behind wanderlust addicts with the need to fill their passports until the last page. Since the brand was born, Carola van Bronswick has inspired us with her passion to travel. She has been a loyal client and a friend of the brand.

Carola is an enthusiastic Dutch traveler who loves fashion and photography, she is a travel agent who has visited amazing places all around the world and has taken her Cristina Ramella Jewelry with her, we love all the #WorldTravelingHands photos she has shared with us.         

For this new edition of #WorldTravelingCrush, Carola shared with us her experience and recommendations about her favorite destination so far, Iceland. 

"Iceland is such a magical place with greatest wonders of nature, definitely my favorite destination." A beautiful place surrounded by nature, it's principal tourist destination is  Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, a coastline area characterized by peninsulas, islands, and coves. If you are visiting during summer you'll find almost 24 hours of daylight, literally is the city that never sleeps! 

"On your way from the airport don't forget to visit The Blue Lagoon for the ultimate spa experience".  Thermal pools and spas are one of the principal attractions in Reykjavik. A natural experience and part of the place’s culture. 

WELCOME TO ICELAND by Cristina Ramella

"If you are looking for a good eating experience I highly recommend  Bistro/Bar Vegamot, which offers great food and don't forget to get one of the famous hotdogs from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur." Iceland is the home of impressive natural attractions, relaxing, cultural and historical experiences. "The Golden Circle is a must-do excursion when in Iceland because it takes you along the greatest wonders of nature!"

"I stayed in the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel. It's a 45 minute drive from Reykjavik and the views and food are amazing here!" The hotel is against mountainous lava fields where you can enjoy the amazing view of the Northern Lights and trek across an ancient glacier. 

WELCOME TO ICELAND by Cristina Ramella

Carola has been reflecting her globetrotter spirit to the brand and she is well representing our concept of keeping memories through jewelry. "World Jewelry represents a big part of me because traveling is my true passion and also my profession since I'm a travel agent. Travel means the world to me. I love to explore other cultures and take in the beauty of nature all around the world 

WELCOME TO ICELAND by Cristina Ramella

She never stops! She just got back from a road trip through South-West USA and in two months she is traveling to India & Nepal. We can't wait to see more of her #WorldTravelingHands pictures there!

Follow @carolavanbronswijk on Instagram to keep up on her next adventure! Travel tips:

Where to stay? 
Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel in Iceland. http://ioniceland.is/
Where to eat?
Bistro/Bar Vegamot. https://vegamot.is 
Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur.  http://www.bbp.is
Where to go?
The Blue Lagoon. http://www.bluelagoon.com
The Golden Circle.  adventures.is


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