Tiger Eye Globe Locket by Cristina Ramella
Globe Locket Tiger Eye by Cristina Ramella
Globe locket tiger Eye by Cristina Ramella
Packaging by Cristina Ramella

Globe Locket Tiger Eye Stone

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*The World Locket includes one Tiger Eye gemstone.

This beautiful and unique Globe Locket with an intricate design that illustrates all the countries of the world encapsulates the essence of all the precious gifts the Earth has for us. Its delicate design lets you change different gemstones inside, creating different effects and color grades. Every stone has different properties with powerful meanings that enhance calm, positivity, and happiness, embracing a peaceful aura. Available in 24K Gold Plated dangles on a fine 50 cm chain. Transform your energy and live your best lifestyle!


Tiger Eye Stone Globe Locket Cristina Ramella


The Tiger Eye is a stone of protection and good luck. It has the power to focus the mind, attracks mental clarity, and helps to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.