The North America collection by Cristina Ramella features gorgeous rings, cuffs, necklaces and bangles that showcase an American city's heart and soul. Whether you're from North America or just passing through, a piece from this collection will always be a treasured memory of a beautiful adventure.

North American City Jewelry

Awe-inspiring buildings are what make Manhattan a place people across the world want to see. A Cristina Ramella Manhattan Cuff or NYC Ring lets to wear the entire city around your arm or your finger. Beautifully crafted, these pieces showcase what makes New York, New York. Browse city bangles that feature the name of a popular American city carefully crafted into the metal. Featuring 24K gold or rhodium plated brass, these stunning bangles are the perfect accessory for a night out on the town. As you travel across the States, collect these bracelets to create a stunning display of your favorite cities. North American city jewelry is inspired by every city's unique personality. Each piece will remind you of a sunny afternoon in Miami, an afternoon of shopping in New York City or a gorgeous day on the beach in LA. Whatever your memories may lead you to, they'll always be close with city inspired jewelry by Cristina Ramella.

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