The essence of travel is captured through design in the collection of CRISTINA RAMELLA ®.  Sparked by wanderlust, her jewelry reflects the cities, cultures, and unknown parts of the world that evoke fascination and desire to live outside the lines. 

Classic and elegant, this luxury brand stands apart in its ability to capture the essence of a free spirit.  To own a CRISTINA RAMELLA ® piece symbolizes endless curiosity and a love for what this world can give if you just open yourself up to it. 

CRISTINA RAMELLA®’s spirit, like the traveler’s heart, has no boundaries. 

"What used to be a dream is now reflected through the eye of a global community that share our lifestyle, vision and aesthetic." We believe in empowering women, together as a team we built this dream that is Cristina Ramella. 

Cristina Ramella Team


As a globetrotter and map obsessed adventurer, Cristina Ramella is an Italian born designer with a colorful passport. Having lived all over the world including Sydney, London, Genoa and New York, she eventually set down roots in Mexico in 2011 and created Cristina Ramella ®, a travel inspired jewelry brand.

With every new adventure she's amassed new inspiration- eventually finding an outlet through her jewelry to symbolize this collection of memories. Each meticulously crafted piece is a marker of personal growth for Cristina; a reflection of her creativity and personal experiences. Behind every ring, every bracelet, every earring is a statement about where she's been and what else is out there waiting to be discovered. Her namesake brand Cristina Ramella ® captures her spirit through luxury jewelry that stands worlds apart from the rest.  


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Cristina Ramella ®