PRUEBA of E-Commerce Consulting - Cristina Ramella

Founder of a worldwide successful jewelry brand, Cristina today directs the company from Italy with worldwide operations, is the US, Mexico, and Asia the main markets served. Her expertise in automating the business and positioning it worldwide set her aside as a rider in the field. With more than 7 years of experience in the field, Cristina has begun a program as an e-commerce strategy and marketing consultant. By a careful selection process of the business to assist, her role is to mentor and orient the client’s online business and step it to the next level. She has consolidated expertise in brand construction, storytelling, and website communication. This knowledge is applied to helping arising brands to identify their strengths and position themselves within the competitive online world.

Consulting Cristina Ramella

Why investing in Cristina before launching your website and/or your online marketing strategy? 

Cristina's leading expertize will lead you directly to success avoiding the bumps and mistakes on the road typical of this journey. Cristina's approach is practicals and hands-on, leaving you with clear concrete ideas and a plan for success. 

Build proper foundations

The best marketing strategy and investment are worthless and frustrating when your website is poorly organized and lacking storytelling and proper clear communication. 

Design your online business to last

Your business has to be able to be heard above all the noise if you want a business that lasts. This comes from innovative strategies that allow you to connect deeply with your customers. Being good at what you do isn’t enough if no one can find you. 

What If You Could Be Free?

When you uncover the secrets of your e-commerce - the hidden mechanisms that make it work - the business gets interesting. You can release the inexplicable mysteries that keep you repeating the same failure patterns over and over again. 

Working with Cristina is likely to be an experience like you’ve never had before. Her clients are now leaders in the making in their industries spanning the globe. Her focus is primarily on creatives, authors, and entrepreneurs whose works demand that they be continually evolving, not just their business but themself has the souls behind it. Cristina's holistic approach to business will inspire you to grow and keep growing along the way. 

How does it work?

Cristina recommends 2 to 3 sessions over the time-lapse of 3 months of optimal results and implementation of the strategies discussed. Each session can last one or one and a half hours, depending on the need.

Send an email to to reserve your spot and take action towards your life and business goals!

 Consulting Cristina Ramella